Since I am a Heilpraktiker my clients are able to get the costs for the sessions refunden by their health insurance, either partly or entirely if you are insured with Beihilfe or privately. State insured clients need a supplementary insurance for Heilpraktiker costs to get refunded. Please ask your health insurance about it.

The first meeting will be informational and is free of charge and non-commital.

In this conversation I become clear of the intentions and wishes of my client, what the personal aims are and whether we can imagine working together.

We also schedule the first session and the time-frame of the process.

From experience, I know that in the beginning, a weekly interval is meaningful. This approach is about learning with our entire being—our body needs a regular input at first, in order not to fall back into long learned patterns of thinking and behaviour. We want to embed new and more beneficial ways of being and acting.

In most cases there will be incredible change after only a few sessions and clients are able to free themselves from irritating tensions, pain or non-conducive attitudes, learning to deliberately make use of their energies.

There is always the possibility of a few brush up sessions.